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Viddy Well Podcast

Aug 27, 2022

Love blossoms and heartbreak looms in this summery installment of "The Four Seasons Of Film" series! Join Aaron and Viddy Well regular Rob Chenoweth as they laze about the sun-drenched splendor of the Italian countryside and discuss Luca Guadagnino's pastoral coming-of-age romance Call Me By Your Name. 


Call Me By...

Aug 11, 2022

Slow jams, scotchka, and betrayal abound — oh hai, Mark!

Join Aaron for another Q&A with Greg Sestero as he talks about his experience on the infamous so-bad-it's-good cult film The Room, his friendship with Tommy Wiseau, and much much more! Plus, a dramatic reading from an early draft of Tommy's script!

Egads, you'll...

Aug 4, 2022

Kooky cults, hokey horror, cannibal cream, and blood societies, oh what a story, Mark! Join Aaron as he takes us to a Q&A with Greg Sestero about his directorial debut, Miracle Valley. Imagine Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes, and Mandy on a balmy blend of LA designer drugs, Tequila, and bath salts, with...

Jul 23, 2022

Join Aaron as he chats with Dawn Storey about Dooley Does Murder, which they wrote, directed, produced, and starred in. We talk camp and horror, and dive all the way into Dooley and its production. It's a bloody good time, and one you won't want to miss out on, so come join in on the fun! 

Feeling murderous for more?!...

Jul 20, 2022

Join Aaron and Viddy Well veteran Chris Wolford as they discuss geriatric satanic cults, ghoulish gaslighting, and chilling lullabies that paralyze in their dissection of the 1968 iconic psychological horror flick, Rosemary’s Baby